Six speculative guides to Berlin re-imagine the contemporary urban environment by exploring overlooked livelihoods, traces of social and environmental transformation, and the scars of economic crisis and human conflict. These propositional interpretations of Berlin have resulted from long term collaborations between artists, architects, curators, non-human agents, futurologists, urbanist, architectural historians, classicists and political theorists.



Led by Jaspar Joseph Lester, Susanne Prinz, Julie Westerman.


Design: Marc André Offenhammer

Typeface: Grifo


Print: Spree Druck, Berlin


Printed in Germany,Berlin, 2019

Edition of 100

ISBN:  978-1-5272-5113-7 

© 2019 Text and images:

The authors and the artists

All rights reserved

Six Guides 

Each 68cm x 48cm


Weak history

Modern ruins

Host: Stella Flatten 

Guest: Julie Westerman

In the Canopy 

of Clones

Host: Lucy Powell

Guest: Epiphyllum oxypetalum

Wedding Casinos

2011 - 2018 - 2025

Host: Ludwig Engle

Guest: Jaspar Joseph-Lester

F/old Map

Host: Julius Bobke

Guest: Joannie Baumgärtner

Kino Karte

Host Götz Valien

Janina Lange

Towards enlightenment


Host: Susanne Prinz

Guest Clegg & Guttmann