Trigger Point: Lisbon

Six speculative guides to Lisbon reimagining the contemporary urban environment by exploring overlooked livelihoods, traces of profound social mutation, and the scars of past, natural disasters, economic crisis and human conflict. These propositional interpretations are the result of innovative collaborations across Art, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Physical and Human Geography and Social Anthropology. 


Led by Jaspar Joseph Lester, Susanne Prinz, Julie Westerman.

Design: Pedro Rufino
           Marc André Offenhammer


Cooper Black, Friz Quadrata,Grifo


Gráfica Maladouro, Spree Druck


Guides Printed in Portugal Maja 2017

Cover Printed in Germany, Berlin 2019


Edition of 100 English, 100 Portuguese


ISBN:  978-0-9957691-7-5

© 2017 Text and images:

The authors and the artists

All rights reserved

Six Guides

Each 68cm x 48cm

Lisbon Harbour

Host:   Carlos Noronha Feio

Guest: Susanne Prinz

Download PDF - English version

River Tagus: Untold Story

Host: Miguel Santos

Guest: John Wainwright

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Between Abandonment and Gentrification

Host:  Sophia Marçal

Guest: Flilpa Roseta

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The Lisbon Atlas of Law and Entropy

Hosts: Bureau A Architects

         Hanger Centro de Investigação Artística

Guest: Jaspar Joseph-Lester

Download PDF - English version, map side

Download PDF - English version, text side

The Panoramic Restaurant

Host:   Marta Jecu

Guest: Ian Kiaer

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Building up & Falling down

Hosts:   Ana Simōes

           Mōnica A.Ferreira

           Jelena Milosevic

Guests: Jonathan Skinner

           Julie Westerman

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