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Jeff Luckey

A Brief Report on Ellen-Epstein-Straysse (2012)


A short video report, in the

form of an updated newsreel,

presents one possible

outcome for the history of a

new Berlin street. This report

describes the current state

of Ellen-Epstein-Straße – a

recently opened commercial

roadway (finalised in 2009)

that can be found in the vicinity

of Tegel Airport. This urban

revitalisation project, originally

designed to alleviate traffic

congestion in the area just

southeast of Tegel airport,

will, in all probability, see far

less automobile traffic after

the upcoming finalisation of

Berlin’s new Berlin Brandenburg

Airport and the closure

of Tegel as an active airport.

With the hypothetical, yet

clearly foreseeable possibility

that this closure might render

the roadway redundant, the

report probes the complexities

of urban planning and design

– both its successes and its


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