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Águeda Simó

Stephan Hüsch

The Tegel TXL Plus

Nano Gate


This short film is based on

the science-fiction movie

The TXL-plus Nano Gate

by Hans von Jasnowidz

(1932) that emerged from

the experiments on teleporting

and space-time travel

secretly conducted by Hermann

Oberth and Werner von

Braun at Raketenflugplatz,

the current Tegel Airport. The

film itself travels through the

parallels worlds that Jasnowidz

envisioned in his movie,

within a time frame of about

1,000 years.


In 2012, the Basque historians

Dr. Marker and Dr.

Guerin found and restored

Jasnowidz’s film and intended

to demonstrate that it was

not just a fiction movie, but

a documentary that reflects

Jasnowidz’s experiences of

space-time travel at Raketenflugplatz.

Their investigations

are put into the contexts of

the research into teleporting

and parallel worlds currently

developed at CERN, and of

the past and possible future

of Tegel Airport, which was



a rocket testing site run by

Oberth and von Braun during

the 1930s.


The work of both engineers

was supported by the Society

for Space Travel within the

scope of the spaceflight project,

becoming the very ambitious

adventure of potential

teleporting following the ideas

of the mathematician Hermann

Weyl. They put together

an interdisciplinary group of

scientists and intellectuals

who developed this fantastic

project. Jasnowidz was one

of them, but he disappeared

mysteriously after finishing an

extraordinary film that documented

the project.

In a distant future, or parallel

world, Tegel Airport becomes

the first site in the world with a

research laboratory dedicated

to investigate time-space and

teleporting theory and practice.

The main terminal of the

airport hosts a set of hexagonal

wormholes connecting

distant regions of space-time, 

culture, and human knowledge,

at both nano- and

macro-scale. The project is

named the The TXL plus-Nano

Gate after the famous movie

by Hans von Jasnowidz.

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