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Nick Crow

Ian Rawlinson

Both Statues Have Wings


There are two statues of

Otto Lilienthal in Berlin. One

in Steglitz, and the other at

Tegel Airport. Tegel’s official

title is Tegel Otto Lilienthal

Airport – although the name

is seldom used in everyday

speech, and warrants speech

marks and brackets when

mentioned online. The renaming

of Tegel as the Otto

Lilienthal Airport occurred

in 1988, just one year before

the event that would eventually

lead to the airport itself

becoming redundant.

The statue at Tegel is situated

near the viewing deck and lies

prone among the debris and

cigarette ends from the nearby

bar. Lilienthal is depicted

with wings spread across the

ground and laid out as though

having come to earth, Icaruslike,

from a failed attempt

at flight, his wrists bound

together. In this way it is quite

unlike Peter Breuer’s 1914

Lilienthal Memorial in Steglitz,

which stands erect atop a high

plinth as though preparing to

take flight. Created under two

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