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Kerstin Honeit:
How to Say Goodbye?


As someone with a fear of flying,

I certainly wouldn’t have

picked on my own the theme

of ‘Tegel Airport’ and its ‘farewell’

as a subject. However,

when I thought about the

farewell and my fear of flying,

I suddenly saw the connection

in the ‘goodbyes’ on

different levels: farewell and

goodbye from the airport itself

and my own fear of a final

farewell in a crashing plane.

I interviewed passengers at

Tegel Airport about their own 

ways of ‘saying goodbye’ and

how to go about it. Looking

back on the material I assume

most people related to

this subject, as they were in

transit themselves, with the

idea of saying goodbye to

other people rather than to

an airport or a part of Berlin’s

post-war history or even to an

architectural ideology.

But I wonder if the difference

between bidding farewell to

an idea or to another human

being is that big. The way to

deal with loss seems to be

the concept of the revisiting

no matter who or what the

subject is – the coming back

and the ‘seeing you again’.

For my practice in general,

and in the making of How to

say goodbye? specifically,

I use a method that implies

a type of revisiting by using

the technique of lip-synching

or film-dubbing industry, where practically every foreign-language film is translated and dubbed, there is always a time-lapse between the actual filming in Hollywood and German voic-es being added to the bodies of American actors – German voices revisit the Hollywood scenes, so to speak. 

For this piece I literally took the idea of revisiting voices from the past – in the case of this video it was a week between the audio record-ing and the filming – by also revisiting the places at the airport where the interviews took place and embodying the absent interviewees.

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